What is Posti Studio?

Posti Studio is a one man studio held by Panu Posti. It is located in Helsinki, Finland. The studio offers recording, mixing, mastering as well as artistic production. During the years the studio has produced a great number of recordings for artists of different genres. The studio isn't limited to one musical style but, it's speciality is EDM-Production, recording/mixing Rock, as well as mastering all types of music. The studio is located in Paloheinä, Helsinki.

During the years the studio has worked with the following artists: Afgrund, GAF, Dreadlock Tales, Luomuhappo, LAS, Stene, Feastem, Droptide, Ghoul Patrol, Nothing More To Eat, Rotten Sound, Hävitys, Unborn Generation, Ever Circling Wolves, and many many more.


The studio holds a good stack of old and new guitar amps, stompboxes and cabinets to ensure a real sound versus the common simulated sound nowadays. Microphone collection is also more than adequate including high end Neumann's and Audix mics. The studio has an ok Tama superstar drumset. The platform is Macintosh With the newest Logic as the DAW. A good number of legit waves, stillwell, PSP, and many other great plug-ins are part of the repertuar. Monitors are good old Genelec 1031A's.


Online Mastering

Have a track that needs mastering? No matter what musical style, you can send your file to postipanu@gmail.com with a dropbox link or the file itself. Only unmastered Wav/aiff files are accepted. No MP3's. Price for a single song is 60e including VAT 24%. Bigger(more than 4 songs) mastering projects range from 200-400e. The file will be done in 2 days after submitting

What to offer?

Got plans for recording?

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Need mastering for your album or track?

Ask for a deal directly from the studio! [HERE] or contact by e-mail: postipanu (ät) gmail.com Phone number - 041 510 8707